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Lanyard - Retractable SH/AB Web 2.5m

SPANSET Australia

User Weight 130kg

Adjustable 50mm Web Lanyard (weight 1.3kg)

Comes complete with triple action karabiners at both ends, 

CE 0120, EN360:2002

Compliant with AS/NZS1891.3

2.5m Overall Length (2.25m Adjustment)

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$185.00 Nett


WARNING: Upon inspection prior to use, if this product shows any signs of wear, cuts, damage, chaffing or mechanical damage withdraw from service immediately "DO NOT USE".

Lifespan: The expected lifespan of this product is 5 years but inspection before each use is compulsory. The lifespan greatly depends upon the conditions of usage of the product.

Cleaning: In case of minor soiling, wipe the lanyard with cotton cloth or a soft brush. D not use any abrasive material. For intensive cleaning wash the lanyard (Taking care that only the webbing part is washed. The locking assembly should not be subject to water) at a temperature ranging between 30 and 60 degrees C using a neutral detergent (pH+7). Do not use acid or basic detergents.

Storage and Transport: When not in use, store the product in a well-ventilated area away from extremes of temperature. Never place heavy items on top of it. If possible, avoid excessive folding and preferably stire it hanging vertically. If the product is wet, allow it to dry before placing it into storage.

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