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80L Oil Spill Kit

This kit is designed to absorb up to 80 litre spills.

Oil & fuel spill pads, socks, booms and pillows are white in colour.
Use these for cleaning up hydrocarbon spills only, such as oil, petrol and diesel.

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$239.00 Nett


1 x carry bag
5 x duckbill respirator
1 x heavy-duty pvc gloves
1 x safety glasses
1 x disposable overall
10 x absorbent pads
1 x 1.2m absorbent sock
2 x 2.4m absorbent sock
1 x large absorbent pillow
2 x 10 litre ana fibre
1 x 16.5 litre ana fibre
1 x disposable bag

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