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Chain Per Mtr - SS316 JIS Reg Link

JIS Standard

AISI316 Stainless

Marine Grade

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Cut Length - Per Metre Price

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2mm Dia, 12mm I.L, 3.5mm I.W. - 0.09kg per m / 9kg 100m Reel

3mm Dia, 19mm I.L, 5.0mm I.W. - 0.18kg per m / 18kg 100m Reel

4mm Dia, 20mm I.L, 6.0mm I.W. - 0.32kg per m / 16kg 50m Reel

5mm Dia, 27mm I.L, 7.0mm I.W. -  0.48kg per m / 24kg 50m Pail

6mm Dia, 31mm I.L, 9.0mm I.W. -  0.8kg per m / 40kg 50m Pail

8mm Dia, 32mm I.L, 12mm I.W. - 1.35kg per m / 68kg 50m Bucket

10mm Dia, 42mm I.L, 15mm I.W. - 2kg per m / 100kg 50m Bucket

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