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Clamp - Titan Uni Vertical

TiTAN Vertical Plate Lifting Clamp


• Strong all-steel construction
• Safety lock
• Wide plate acceptance
• Hardened pressure plate and tongue
• Durable baked enamel finish
• Universial Piviting Lifting Eye

Certification to AS4991

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0.5T Clamp Gap Opening 0 to 15mm - 30mm Eye Dia

1.0T Clamp Gap Opening 0 to 20mm - 48mm Eye Dia

2.0T Clamp Gap Opening 0 to 25mm - 68mm Eye Dia

3.0T Clamp Gap Opening 0 to 30mm - 74mm Eye Dia

5.0T Clamp Gap Opening 0 to 50mm - 80mm Eye Dia


* Never Exceed the Capacity of the Clamp

* Never Lift UNDER 20% of the Rated Capacity of the Clamp

Titan Plate Clamps are manufactured to handle steel plates not exceeding 300 Brinell Hardness or 32 Rockwell.

Do not Lift plates with coastings or mill scale that prevent the gripping of the surfaces of the clamp from making positive contact with the base metal.


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