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Lifting Eye - SLR G80 Weld-On

Industrial Grade 80 and Spring Loaded, Designed for Lifting and Transportation Lashing Applications

Each Weld-On Ring is clearly Marked showing Lift and Pull (Lashing) Rating.

For Lifting the Safety Factor is 4:1, complying with relevant NZ Standards

For Pulling / Lashing the Safety Factor is 2:1, exceeding LTSA guidelines

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Extra Information for SLR349-20T  20T Lift /40T Pull 

Dimensions: Inside Width 149mm,  Inside Length 155mm,  Material Dia 46mm

NOTE:  20T Lift / 40T Pull Weld-On Eye is "NOT" Spring Load

Box Quantities:   1T / 50,   2T / 40,   3T / 30,   5T / 15,   8T / 10,  15T / 4,  20T / 1

The "D" Body has a 100% WLL from all angles.

However, SLR don’t recommend applications (force on shoulders) since this will also depends heavily on the welding quantity.

The force will give a shearing force on the welding point which will be determined by the quality of the weld which SLR will not garranty.

The Welded Saddle should be equally loaded from both side to avoid the weld tearing..

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