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Thiele G100 Lifting Eye C/W Centre Saddle

* Made in Germany by THIELE

* To International Standards

* Safety Factor 4:1

* High Tensile, Harnened & Tempered

* 100% WLL Rating "ALL" Directions

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Ratings for Lashing Capacity (L/C) Applications

*   6mm G100 Eye  -  1.5T Lift  -  3.0T WLL L/C

*   8mm G100 Eye  -  2.5T Lift  -  5.0T WLL L/C

* 10mm G100 Eye  -  4.0T Lift  -  8.0T WLL L/C

* 13mm G100 Eye  -  6.7T Lift  -  13.5T WLL L/C

* 16mm G100 Eye  -  10.0T Lift  -  20.0T WLL L/C


In addition to the sheet thickness, the selection of the sheet material (yield point, tensile strength) and, in particular, the specifications of the surrounding construction (e.g. distances to further reinforcements and their properties) have a significant influence on the strength and rigidity of the overall system. Since there is an infinite variety of installation and variation options for the welding points, we as the manufacturer of the attachment and lashing points cannot make any specific specifications. It therefore remains the responsibility of the manufacturer of the welding point to determine its structural features in such a way that the requirements outlined in the mounting instructions are met.

For this reasons, also other leading manufacturers do not disclose sheet thicknesses. The quoted excerpt is only helpful if there are also specifications for the sheet metal material available at the same time, the manufacturer of the welding point has the option of procuring exactly this specification and the geometric design does not provide any stiffening. As this is usually not the case,  the specified sheet metal thickness is probably thicker than the specific installation situation requires in reality.

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