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V-Belt & Pulley

V-Belt & Pulley
REXON - The factory is ISO9000 / 9001 certified. Selective high quality machinery technology is being used to provide extremely high ongoing belt quality and durability. Ongoing dynamic testing is being done to ensure the levels of quality and durability are to those expected of the best worldwide manufacturers, mines, transportation and agricultural industries.

PULLEYS - Rexon have a full range of Industrial Pulleys from SPX 63mm OD through to SPC 1250mm Dia (10 Groove) which we can quote and indent to order.

PLEASE NOTE: We except standard A & B Vee-Belts (Sizes 21 through to 99) back for credit if purchased within 14 days of return.. Any OTHER Vee-Belts that are indented to order are NOT returnable for credit..

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