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Trailer Chain - 8mm G70 LL 2.5T NZS5467

* Grade 70 Long Link

* Gold Passivated Coating

* Rated Minimum 2:1 Safety Factor

* To LTSA & Standards NZS5467

Marking on Chain

* 5467 (NZ Standard No.)

* G70 (Grade of High Tensile Chain)

* 2.5T (Maxamim Towing Mass)

* AMG 3 (Traceability Batch No.)



8mm Diameter, 40mm I.L, 14mm I.W

Pre-Cut 10 Link Length

(410mm Pitch / 424mm Overall)


Pre Full Metre


5046 in stock

$7.00 Nett

Bulk Quantity: 

10 Link Lengths - 1000units Per Full Drum 540kg

12 Link Lengths - 850units Per Full Drum 500kg


Maximum Length of 15m Per NZC PP Bag

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