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INSPECTION - Labour Upto 1/2 Hour

Visual Only


To comply with the New Zealand Approved Code of Practice (Dec 2012) the following items are visually inspected as part of their 6 or 12 monthly re-certification.


EN818  G80 & G100 Lifting Chain Slings

AS4497  Lifting Roundslings

EN1492  Lifting Webslings

NZS1891  Height Safety Products

AS2741  Shackles


Per 1/2 Hour Charge

-50 in stock

$65.00 Nett


Additional Information based upon questions asked regarding re-certifing equipment.

Lifting Chain Sets:

EN818 Liftings Slings, EN818.2 Chain, EN818.4 Components, EN818.6:2000 Maintanence, Inspection & Repair.

A full visual inspection is required by a "Competent Person".

Proof Loading is only required when a chain set is assembled or repaired using new components that have not be certified/tested by the manufacturer.

If a chain or fitting has been repaired by welding or had heat applied, the proof load test can only be done by the product manufacturer.

Minor damage such as nicks or gouges maybe removed by careful grinding or filing. You need to ensure heat is not a factor and the nominal thinkness has not reduced that point by 10% of that section.


Lifting Roundslings:

AS4497  The cover is not part of the load rating, the sleeve protects the inner yarns which carry the load.

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