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2.5T elebia Remote Release Hook System

EVO2-P1 System

* 2.5T WLL Automatic Hook

* 360 Deg Swivel or Fixed Option

* Hook Safety Factor 4:1

* Magnet System

* EVO2 Battery E2/C5/N20

* EVO2 Single Battery Charger 220V (Euro Plug)

* eMINI Wireless Remote Open/Close Hand Control

EVO2-P2 System also includes (Added)

* Pear Shaped Lifting Ring

* 3T Endless Wire Core Roundsling 1.2m

* elebia 90x90cm Wire Core Sling Carry Bag

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The EVO2 automatic hook. Weighing only 7.5 kg. and with a working load limit of 2,500 kg, the evo2 remote release hook has additional features than its bigger counterparts. Smaller, more compact, lighter, more efficient, more versatile… Smarter!

The evo2 is an automatic crane hook which, like the rest of the range of our lifting hooks for cranes, hooks on and releases the load remotely, increasing safety, productivity and comfort of all cargo lifting operations.


The eMINI is a small and compact remote control. It can be integrated into a glove or used with a wrist band to wear it as a watch.

With the eMINI remote control, the operator can open and close the automatic hook and control its battery level.

The eMINI also informs of the hook’s annual inspection and displays sensor information and maintenance messages.

The eMINI is a small but powerful remote control for crane hooks, compatible with all cranes and other remotes. (868/916MHZ)


Some of the main features the automatic hooks include are a swivel with bearings which allow the hook to rotate freely and, if necessary, can be set in a fix position. It is ready to be upgraded with a weighing scale and carries a clutch protected electric motor to prevent overloads. The safety hook has been designed to work in the toughest conditions and is built with high strength structural steel body and impact and corrosion resistant polyester coating. Spring-operated stainless steel safety latch and forged hook. With the precise electronic torque control, you can adjust the release limit, eliminating any problem with heavy rigging.

evo2 Battery - High Capacity: 3 Hours Charge - 5000 cycles / 250 hours in standby mode.

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