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Transport Chain - Bulk G70

AMG G70 100m Full Drum

Complies with NZ LTSA Truck Loading Code

To PWB AS/NZS4344 Marking Specifications 2:1

6.0mm 4.6T MBL Stamped: AMG70 4344.2.3

7.3mm 6.0T MBL Stamped: AMG70 4344.3.0

8.0mm 7.6T MBL Stamped: AMG70 4344.3.8

10mm  12T MBL Stamped: AMG70 4344.6.0

13mm  18T MBL Stamped: AMG70 4344.9.0

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PLEASE NOTE: 6mm x 100m Lengths are currently "supplied in boxes" as sold out of drums..

6.0mm G70 Chain Weights; 0.87kg/mtr (90kg/100m Drum or 515kg/625m Drum)

7.3mm G70 Chain Weights; 1.17kg/mtr (120kg/100m Drum)

8.0mm G70 Chain Weights; 1.45kg/mtr (148kg/100m Drum)

10.0mm G70 Chain Weights; 2.19kg/mtr (222kg/100m Drum)

13.0mm G70 Chain Weights; 3.80kg/mtr (388kg/100m Drum)

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