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Master Ring - Thiele TWN0808 GK8

Top Quality GK8 

* Made in Germany

* International Standards EN1677

* High Quality Grade 80

* Chart WLL Ratings are 2Leg @ 90Deg

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$39.00 Nett

Master Ring WLL Ratings..

8mm Ring - 1Leg 2.00T or 2Leg 2.80T WLL @ 90Deg

10mm Ring - 1Leg 3.15T or 2Leg 4.25T WLL @ 90Deg

13mm Ring - 1Leg 5.30T or 2Leg 7.50T WLL @ 90Deg

16mm Ring - 1Leg 8.00T or 2Leg 11.2T WLL @ 90Deg

20mm Ring - 1Leg 12.5T or 2Leg 17.0T WLL @ 90Deg

22mm Ring - 1Leg 15.0T or 2Leg 21.2T WLL @ 90Deg

26mm Ring - 1Leg 21.2T or 2Leg 30.0T WLL @ 90Deg

28mm Ring - 1Leg 25.0T or 2Leg 33.5T WLL @ 90Deg

32mm Ring - 1Leg 31.5T or 2Leg 45.0T WLL @ 90Deg

36mm Ring - 1Leg 40.0T or 2Leg 56.0T WLL @ 90Deg

40mm Ring - 1Leg 50.0T or 2Leg 71.0T WLL @ 90Deg

45mm Ring - 1Leg 63.0T or 2Leg 90.0T WLL @ 90Deg

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