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Identification Alloy Tag - BIG HES NZ

Engraved Information

* Client Name

* Invoice or Reference Number

* Date Item due for re-certification

* Item working load limit

* Size or length of item

* Multi-Leg rating (if applicable)

* Item Identification Number

* Standard item complies with..

Fitted to products using a 4mm Stainless Wire Cable and Copper Crimp

Includes "Core Inspection Systems" Data Entry.

1846 in stock

$23.35 Nett

Our HES NZ Alloy Tags are for fitting to items we are supplying or servicing only.

NOT TO BE SOLD FOR Clients to use

BIG HES ID Tag Dimensions; 

100.0mm Long,  60.0mm Wide,  2.0mm Thick,  5.0mm Diameter Hole


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