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UNC Double Swivel Ring - Codipro GradUP

* Unique Identification

* Manufactured "Inhouse" Luxembourg

* International Standards EN1677-1

* Full Factory Traceability

* Certificate supplied with Product 

* Huge 5:1 Safety Factor

* 180 Degree Pivot Under Load

* 360 Degree Swivel Under Load

* Listed WLL at 0 & 90 Degrees

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The Following Sizes are DNV APPROVED Offshore Applications

DSR UNC3/8", 12", 5/8", 3/4", 1.0" & 1.1/4"

DNVGL-ST-0378 Certificate No.TAS00001ZG

For Product Certification go to CODITRACER on:

These security rings are specially designed for turning charges.

They are able to solve all hoisting situation, whether with a skew or axial lifting, and /or stowing.

  • Their design allows use in allows direction and lateral fixing.
  • These rings have to be screwed following the tightening torque specified by the manufacturer.
  • Rings with low overhand would be preferable.
  • Painted in red, they remind security (product of at least class 8).

The engravings state:

  • The EC reference if compliant to EC directives;
  • The class;
  • The manufacturer brand and the blacksmith' mark, when forged;
  • The batch n°;
  • The diameter;
  • The maximum CMU/WLL.

The delivery will be completed by:

  • The recommendations for use;
  • The certificate of conformity
Preferably use rings whose axes are inseparable from the equipment, in order to avoid replacing the axis by an inadequate one.

Fixed lifting rings:

Traditional DIN 580 rings are meant for linear tractions in the direction of the fixing bolt. They are forbidden for tractions perpendicular to the direction of the fixing bolt.


  • They can easily unscrew when handling and move in the direction of traction.
  • They can possibly twist or break (increased risk if the ring was already bent in opposite direction, that's why bended rings have to be removed.).
  • Loss of at least 75% of their effectiveness as soon as the traction is no longer linear.


When using fixed rings, preference will be given to rings:

  • With the following engravings (to meet prevailing standards):

    • Manufacturing batch
    • Blacksmith reference
    • Type of material
    • Diameter
  • Supplied with a certificate of conformity (specifying the material analysis)

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