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6-8mm BX600 Loadbinder - Re-Coil Less Yellow


Perfect for the Forrestry Hauler Trucks using 6.0mm & 7.3mm G70 Chain

The cam release enables easy release of the lever type loadbinder under load

With exclusively designed Cradle Grab Hooks to securely fit the Chain.

Markings on Loadbinder Handle

* AMG G70 NZS4344

* Lash Cap 6mm 2.3T - 7mm 3T - 8mm 4T

* MBL 6mm 4.6T - 7mm 6T - 8mm 8T

* Handle Length 340mm

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$75.90 Nett


WARNING: Using a "Extention Bar" will overload and may cause the chain or loadbinder to fail

Packaging: 5 Per Box  (Box Weight 21kg)

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