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Roundsling - 10T Titan Twin Cover Orange

TiTAN Endless Slings

* Certification to AS4497

* Unique Identification Number.

* 100% Polyester Inner & Cover.

* WLL is clearly marked on each sling.

* International Colour Coded with 10 Strips.

* Safety Factor 7:1
* Flat Thickness 19mm

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Full Box Quantities:   1.0m/8,  1.5m/5,  2.0m/5,  3.0m/3,  4.0m/2,  5.0m/2,  6.0m/1, 8.0m/1,  10.0m/1

The Following Must Be Adhered To

* Do not expose to temperatures above 90 degrees C

* Do not load in excess of the rated capacity

* Do not drag on the floor or over abrasive surfaces

* Do not twist, shorten, lengthen, or tie in knots

* Do not pull from under loads that are resting on the sling

* Do not repair any damaged sling

* Do not store in chemically active areas, under ultraviolet light or near heat

* Always protect from sharp edges and corners or abrasive surfaces

* Always inspect before each use

* Always ensure the correct sling is being used for the application

In accordance with AS4497.1, Roundslings shall have an accuracy of +/- 3% of the nominal length expressed in metres.

Sling Weights
10T Roundsling 1.5m (Approx 5kg)
10T Roundsling 3m (Approx 8kg)
10T Roundsling 6m (Approx 13kg)
10T Roundsling 8m (Approx 18kg)
10T Roundsling 10m (Approx 23kg)


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WARNING: Corners with a radius of less than three times the compressed thickness of the sling material are deemed to be sharp.
The Radious is half the Diameter and must be a minimum of times 3 for roundslings.

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