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Oversize Crane Ring - SLR G100

* Quenched & Tempered

* Forged Super Alloy Steel

* 100% Magnaflux Crack Detection

* Dimensions 340mm x 180mm



* Brand & CE

* Identification Batch Number

* Size & Grade

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Note: Extra Connectors Required for 2Leg Applications...

4.0T Ring - 10mm 1Leg or for 8mm 2Leg use 2 x 10mm connectors down to 2 x 8mm connectors to fit chain

6.7T Ring - 13mm 1Leg or for 10mm 2Leg use 2 x 13mm connectors down to 2 x 10mm connectors to fit chain

10.0T Ring - 16mm 1Leg or for 13mm 2Leg use 2 x 16mm connectors down to 2 x 13mm connectors ti fit chain

16.0T Ring - 20mm 1Leg or for 16mm 2Leg use 2 x 20mm connectors down to 2 x 16mm connectors to fit chain

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