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Shackle - Trailer Stainless 3.5T MTM 11.8mm Pin

AISI316 - Captive Pin

NZ Standards 5467:1993 requires safety connections for "Light Trailers" to be marked and rated.


LAZER Marked With;

* 3.5T MTM (Maximum Towing Mass)

* NZS5467 (NZ Standard)

* EB.2 (Manufacturer & Batch No.)



* 11.8mm Pin

* 23mm Inside Width

* 42mm Inside Length

New 3.5T Rating to fit both 8mm & 10mm Rated Trailer Chain

-20 in stock

$19.50 Nett

Our Stainless AISI316 Trailer Shackles have a "CAPTIVE PIN" which can not be removed from the shackle.

Click on "DOWNLOAD" box to see actual break test results.

 Code of Practice for Light Trailers NZ STANDARDS NZS5467:1993


Section 8.1, Page 12

Every Trailer shall have a safety connection(s).


Section 8.2,  Page 13  

Safety connection (s) shall have a minimum breaking strength equal to two times the trailer Maximum Towing Mass.


Section 8.7,  Page 13

Safety connections shall be indelibly marked by the component manufacturer with their rating. The rating shall enable the minimum breaking load of the component to be identified.


NZ Standards copy purchased by HES NZ Ltd 21/04/2013 for clarification regarding "Safety Connections" and the required ratings and markings of the "Safety Chain" and "Shackle".

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