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V-Belts - Rexon 8V Power Band

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V belts with intermediate layer

A special layer, resulting in systems with up to 20 ridges unites TORK-BAND belts. They are produced in A, B, C, D profiles (TORK-BAND POWERMAKE) and 3V, 5V and 8V (TORK-BAND HEIGHT-V that allow equalized wear out in the system and reduction of vibration. REXON keeps in inventory a varied set of lengths of the following profiles: A (60 to 237 inches; B (60 to 315 inches); C (76 to 420 inches); D (90 to 600 inches); 3V (60 to 140 inches); 5V (67 to 355 inches) and 8V (100 to 500 inches). Lengths that are not in our inventory can be made to order.

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