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Websling - 20.0T Titan H.Duty 4PLY Orange 300mm

TiTAN Flat (Boat) Slings

* Certification to EN1492.

* Unique Identification Number.

* 100% Polyester Material.

* WLL is clearly marked.

* International Colour Coded.

* Safety Factor 7:1

* Inner Eye Wear Protection

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The Following Must Be Adhered To

* Do not expose to temperatures above 90 degrees C

* Do not load in excess of the rated capacity

* Do not drag on the floor or over abrasive surfaces

* Do not twist, shorten, lengthen, or tie in knots

* Do not pull from under loads that are resting on the sling

* Do not repair any damaged sling

* Do not store in chemically active areas, under ultraviolet light or near heat

* Always protect from sharp edges and corners or abrasive surfaces

* Always inspect before each use

* Always ensure the correct sling is being used for the application


These items are to large for Courier Bags...

* Minimum bend radius 3 times sling compressed thickness

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