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Roundsling - 15T to 85T WLLThere are 5 products.

Roundsling - 15T to 85T WLL
STOCKED Roundslings from 20.0T to 75.0T Lift with a 7:1 Safety Factor to Standards AS4497

PLEASE NOTE: All Slings are supplied with the "Original" Certification, We stress that this is not discarded as HES NZ does not keep a copy.

The stretch is less than 5% at the working load limits (WLL) as advised by our factory supplier.

Protect the sling from sharp edges by using protective sleeves or corner pieces. Do not pass a sling over sharp corners or edges without adequate protection from abrasion or cutting. Corners with a radius of less than three times the compressed thickness of the sling material are deemed to be sharp. Polyurethane protective covers are recommended when lifting loads of concrete, glass and steel plate. Polyurethane or webbing protective sleeves are recommended when lifting loads of aluminium, panels, machinery, steel pipe or timber.
The Radious is half the Diameter and must be a minimum of times 3 for roundslings.

PLEASE ADD an Identification Tag to your order if you require the sling with Due Date, WLL, ID Number, Company Name etc..

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