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Chain - Bucket Reg Link HDG

AMG - Hot Dipped Galvanized

Anchor PWB Specification - Proof Coil

(4:1 Safety Factor)

1 Drum 13mm x 80m Ex-Stock Christchurch

Ideal for Marine Applications

Not Recommended for Lifting

119 in stock

$265.00 Nett

Hot Didded Galvanised, Proof Coil Chain

Not Suitable for Lifting

Approx Weights
3mm Chain Weights; 0.25kg/mtr (25kg/100m Plastic Pail)

4mm Chain Weights; 0.32kg/mtr (32kg/100m Plastic Pail)

5mm Chain Weights; 0.54kg/mtr (54kg/100m Plastic Pail)

6mm Chain Weights; 0.85kg/mtr (51kg/60m Plastic Pail or 87kg/100m Drum)

8mm Chain Weights; 1.4kg/mtr (49kg/35m Plastic Pail or 145kg/100m Drum)

10mm Chain Weights; 2.05kg/mtr (41kg/20m Plastic Pail or 210kg/100m Drum)

13mm Chain Weights; 3.6kg/mtr (288kg/80m Drum)

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